Question 1
Which route summarization most efficiently reduces perceived network complexity that is composed of subnetworks ranging from to
A. B. C. D. E. Answers D
Question 2
What is the recommended subnet between two sites that have a point-to-point connection to conserve IP addresses?
A. B.
C. D. Answers C
Question 3
Which algorithm does IS-IS use to determine the shortest path through a network? A. Bellman-Ford routing algorithm
B. Johnson's algorithm
C. Dijkstra's algorithm
D. Floyd-Warshall algorithm
Answers C
Question 4
EIGRP uses which algorithm to build a routing table? A. Dijkstra's algorithm
B. Floyd-Warshall algorithm
C. Diffusing Update Algorithm
D. Johnson's algorithm
Answers C
Question 5
A network engineer has implemented a looped triangle switch block design. What element must be included in the design?
A. First hoi redundancy protocol
B. Layer 2 links between access switches
C. single uplinks between access and distribution switches D. VLANs that span access switches
E. Layer 3 links between distribution switches
Answers A
Question 6
An engineer notices that many BGP peers utilize the same configuration parameters. What can the engineer configure to simplify BGP neighbor statements and generate more efficient BGP peer updates?
A. peer groups
B. policy templates
C. session templates
D. peer address families Answers A
Question 7
What is the correct state between two BGP peers that are neighbors? A. active
B. operational
C. established
D. up
Answers C
Question 8
Which multicast address must be available for FHRP advertisements in a multivendor environment? A.
Answers B
Question 9
Which feature must be configured for the VRRP-enabled router to regain the master VRRP status union recovery from a failure?
A. priority
B. authentication
C. ire-emption
D. Stateful Switchover Answers C
Question 10
Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator wants to configure multiple physical gateways to patriciate simultaneously in packet forwarding?
D. VTP Answers C
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