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Giftovus – Our Gift to You.


This was one of the least enjoyed “gifts” of all time:

From the film "Troy"

From the film “Troy”

Inspiring the phrase, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” the Trojan Horse is one of the most famous and dubious gifts of all time. Filled with soldiers who would later open the gates of Troy and sack the city, it’s one gift the Trojans would probably like to return to the huge-wooden-horse piñata store.

Modern products and advertising for gifts are a lot like that Trojan Horse (I’m looking you square in the mouth TV commercials for razors or tools for dads…). There are lots of products out there claiming to be the “perfect gift” but a truly great gift depends on the giver, the receiver, and the community that surrounds them both.

Giftovus got started when a nerdy guy wanted to spend time with a girl when she was more interested in talking about gifts with her sister. Being a nerd, he sought to solve her problem with data.

We built Giftovus based on data and we put our customer first when developing our product. In our research, we discovered some interesting things. We want to share them with you in this blog. Perhaps you’ll become a better giver, but you’ll definitely pick up some trivia.

One of the most important things that we learned was that the average gifter seeks help with 65% of the gifts they give Sisters talk about what to get parents; couples would talk about what to get in-laws.


When seeking advice on a gift, the average giver talks to 2 people and they spend about 2 hours in research for a total of 3 man-hours of time per gift that they struggle with. Considering the average person needs help on over 10 gifts per year Americans spend about 6.9 Billion hours struggling with finding gifts. Yikes! That’s slightly more than the amount of time spent preparing their taxes. It’s 2x as much as they spend helping their children with their homework, and nearly 3x more time then they spend having sex.

Gifting is one social function that does not decline with distance. In other words: you are going to get Aunt Gertrude a gift at Christmas, even if that’s the only time you see her…

So what happens? People punt a lot. They fall back on gift cards and other substitute gifts. Which sucks. The whole purpose of a gift is to express a connection with a person and, in a small way, grow closer. Gift cards don’t help you grow closer.

60.5% of people who give gift cards say they do so because they don’t know what else to give.



So we built Giftovus to be the place where you can talk with Aunt Gertrude’s husband and her children and her church friends and get their help and get a real, genuine, thoughtful gift that expresses something about your relationship. Giver, receiver, community, getting together and growing together = Giftovus.

We’ve seen some interesting things happen on Giftovus:

  • People get more gifts (and they are of better quality).  The 67% of people who need help, are finding it on Giftovus. Gift receivers are getting more gifts than they expected. We also see 99% satisfaction on gifts that were developed with at least two people involved.
  • People save money. The average cost of a gift in the USA? $50. The average cost of a gift given through Giftovus? $33.40. Why? People overspend when they don’t know if the item will be “right”.
  • Most critically, people get to know each other. What a concept right? It’s true though. If you could sit down with the two or three people closest to the person you are shopping for, you’d learn a lot.

The best way to get started:

  • Post an Idea, any Idea. Even if you don’t think it’s the best idea ever, the most important part is to get the conversation started. And you may be surprised. Where an Idea starts may be far from the gift it becomes.
  • Help other people with their ideas. For every person you are struggling to give a gift to, someone else can help. You can start by helping them first! There is someone close to you, a close friend, a spouse, that you can help people with. Start by posting some Ideas for them.
  • Let people know what you are getting. What you are getting someone can be really helpful. Letting everyone know what you are buying for someone will inspire their own gifts.


Brian & The Giftovus Team


Written by Brian Jessup

Written by Brian Jessup on June 23, 2013

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