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Inspiring Mother’s Day Story

Katie Hosseinzadeh was living the American dream in Southern California until her husband was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in 2012.

Katie immigrated to the United States with hopes of building a better life. A native of Iran, she came to the United States to continue her education, married Amir and had four beautiful children. With her youngest still in diapers, she caught the entrepreneurial bug and started a daycare business.

Katie has been operating her day care business for roughly 20 years and has cared for over 100 kids. Katie loves being around children and believes in making impactful connections with everyone she meets. Sheiva, one of Katie’s daughters tells us, “My mother has given up everything to raise her family. She loves it when we’re all together, even if it’s just to have dinner or watch a movie.”

Mia, one of the children Katie cared for remembers being loved by Katie. Now a university student, she said, “I remember being cared for in the best way…a lot of hugs and kisses. There was always a lot of warmth”.

Amir was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed around the clock care. For the last year of his life, Katie spent her time by her husband’s side, caring for and nursing him throughout his journey.

Katie didn’t complain about the amount of work involved nor did she pawn responsibilities off to someone else. She continued to run her business, take care of her children and her “adopted” children.

This Mother’s day we want to celebrate motherhood and we think Katie is an inspiring mother, so we are going to give her a Mother’s day she won’t forget. We’re working with Katie’s children and her ‘pupils’ and we are gathering them to make a special day for Katie. It’s her turn to be cared for.

Giftovus in Action seeks to celebrate outstanding individuals and give them meaningful moments. If you’d like to suggest someone who would be a great candidate or you want to be a Gift Hero and help make someone’s day brighter, please contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or on our contact form.

UPDATE: We gave our gift to Katie and it brought her to tears. Please read about it here.


Written by Dayse Macias

Written by Dayse Macias on April 18, 2014

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